Power Factor Analysis

Whether businesses are aware of it or not, chances are that they are suffering the consequences of poor power factor in their facilities. In dynamic and ever-changing environments, it is crucial to ensure that the power supply in the facilities is always optimal to avoid significant financial and operational consequences. 

The impacts of a poor power factor are multiple, the most visible being penalties on utility bills, provided they are clearly stated, which is often not the case.

Impacts of poor power factor

Benefits of improving your power factor

Increased operational and energy efficiency

Avoid waste and inefficiency by drawing more reactive current than necessary.

Improved equipment reliability

Avoid unexpected overloads and outages arising from larger than expected electrical currents flowing through your electrical power system.

Reduced utility bill

Avoid utility penalties to compensate for the increased generation and transmission capacity required to manage the reactive power component of your facility .

Reduced Carbon footprint

Use the right amount of energy to do the job and avoid unnecessary wastage of resources.

Power Factor Analysis

At Powerside, we’re proud to put our expertise to your benefit. And because we know we can demonstrate a quick return on investment, and immediate savings on your utility bills, we take the time to include personalized recommendations on how to improve the power factor of your facility.

It's quick and easy

We know that your time is valuable and that power-related problems can often seem complex. Let us do the heavy lifting and provide you with easy-to-understand, actionable information that will be beneficial to your business.

 How it works

Analysis of your
utility bills

Evaluation of your
installation needs

Delivery of complete analysis
and recommendations

*Free power factor analysis is only available for installations located in North America. Additional analysis may be required based on facility requirements. Powerside can provide advice and pricing for these services. For facilities outside of North America, check out our map for the list of Powerside PRO partners and REP experts to find one near you. Products and services offered by our partners and reps, as well as pricing, may differ from those offered by Powerside.