Circuit overload is one of the most common reasons that circuit breakers trip. Tripping brings production lines to an abrupt halt translating into machinery breakdown, lost production time, material defects, and waste.  Therefore, preventing circuit tripping by dynamically shedding non-critical loads is of primary importance. Installing an RM8 module with a PQube® 3 or PQube 3e prevents critical load circuits against tripping to keep production up and running. 

Spend $350. Save hundreds of thousands of dollars.

An RM8 module with its 8 fully programmable relay outputs costs $350. It turns a PQube power analyzer into a powerful controller that signals contactors to shut down discretionary loads to protect critical circuit branches. Plus, the PQube also simultaneously monitors consumption and power quality on up to 14 load channels. This automated monitoring troubleshoots, isolates the cause of power quality disturbances in real-time, and prevents circuit trips by providing actionable visibility of load consumption and long-term trend data.

Installing an RM8 module is fast and takes less than 30 minutes.

  1. Snap an RM8 onto a DIN rail to the left of a PQube 3
  2. Connect, by sliding the PQube 3 and RM8 together
  3. Wire the voltage and current connections to the PQube 3
  4. Install interposing relays or contactors to switch the high-power loads 
  5. Connect the RM8 relays to an external voltage source
  6. Apply power to the PQube 3 and verify the meter readings
  7. Configure for either 3-phase or single-phase loads
  8. Set the power consumption thresholds for the loads

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