Your Business Power and Operating Systems are at Risk!

The Power grid is changing. Today’s power systems use renewable assets, LED lighting, and variable speed drives, which are sensitive to power threats, but are likely to cause them. These emerging problems create new electrical challenges that can affect the reliability and ultimately the availability of electrical power, leaving businesses unaware of their cause. According to research by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), this costs U.S. industries up to $188 billion each year.

Did you know? Over 80% of these power grid reliability problems are caused by the equipment inside the facility and not by the utility. The impact of these threats cause premature equipment failures, unresolved intermittent problems, and downtime.

Does Your Business Suffer from these Power Quality Problems?

  • Premature equipment damage
  • Process downtime
  • Unexpected power failures
  • Unresolved intermittent power problem
  • Breaker overload or tripping
  • Decreased UPS and Genset performance
  • Poor power factor
  • Unidentified power issues after an event

Electrical systems are subject to many power problems that need to be proactively managed to avoid production downtime and revenue loss.

In-Site Identifies Power Reliability Problems, Fast

Powerside’s In-Site remote power monitoring software delivers real-time data about your power. Our 24/7/365 platform provides actionable information on energy consumption, power quality trends, and power events. Our all-inclusive solution enables businesses to continuously detect power threats, helps determine the root cause of a problem, and take action when necessary. No need to spend hours troubleshooting, hiring third-party analysts wasting both time and money.

Use In-Site to

  • Reduce energy and operating costs
  • Increase production uptime
  • Prevent premature equipment wear or damage
  • Avoid safety issues
  • Safeguard sensitive electronics
  • Protect LED lighting


  • 24/7/365 power quality monitoring
  • User friendly dashboard for desktop operational oversight
  • Real-time data on power quality and consumption
  • Power quality trend analysis and threat detection
  • Facility growth planning
  • Data-driven utility provider management
insite power monitoring software

In-Site An Effective Power Monitoring Solution Using Real-Time Data

Poor power quality can result in unplanned maintenance, reliability problems, and operations cost issues. In-Site offers real-time data to avoid applying the wrong solution to a power problem that can become expensive and cause additional damage such as premature motor failures.

identify power problems

Identify the source of power problems

  • Determine if the problem originates from the utility or the equipment inside the facility.
avoid equipment overheating

Avoid equipment overheat

  • Determine actual causes of equipment overheating or failures, like current overloads, unbalance or harmonic distortion.
voltage sags and swells

Detect voltage sags and surges

  • Quickly identify potentially damaging voltage sags due to motor starts.
  • Prevent quick sags from tripping off sensitive equipment caused by undervoltage potentially causing significant restart costs.
  • Avoid troubleshooting delays by identifying utility issues such as undersized transformers and substations using In-Site’s continuous data.
reduce trial and error

Eliminate trial and error repairs and no fault found

  • Continuous monitoring helps pinpoint the root-cause of a power problem without the need for on-site experts after the fact.
reduce equipment failure

Reduce premature motor failures

  • Apply the right solution to the right problem using In-Site’s real time data to prevent critical motor failures.
save energy

Save on energy costs

  • Control facility lighting and HVAC usage more efficiently with real time data.
  • Manage peak loads to reduce demand charges caused by start-up sequences and production line run times.
  • Receive immediate feedback to resolve equipment operations and changes affected by power factor before penalties occur.

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How it Works

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In-Site includes a PQube® 3 Power Analyzer and all required components

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