Keep your data center online

With a collaborative, customer-driven design approach, Powerside is your go-to partner for datacenters and rack and stack manufacturers who do rack-level testing. The PQube 3 series of power analyzers provide real-time intelligent monitoring of energy use and power quality of data center systems. Armed with the detailed data necessary for analysis, you’ll know where the line is with reliability and efficiency. Install a PQube 3 to track the quality of incoming utility power and the datacenter’s conditioned power to demonstrate the value of UPSs and PDUs. If you have a new 380V DC data center, use the PQube 3’s unique ability to monitor both AC and 380V DC disturbances, and to track both AC and DC power flow. A PQube 3 will also record all environmental parameters from temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and even tremors.

Deploy rackmounts faster

When building rackmount servers, GPU’s for accelerated computing or storage servers install a PQube 3. Doing so will provide real-time actionable power quality data and environmental information to help keep thermal testing, power-draw efficiency testing, and burn-in reliable and on track.