PQube 3 power analyzer improves semiconductor manufacturing

The PQube 3 power analyzer is a power quality detection and monitoring device trusted globally by semiconductor manufacturers. Made compact, the PQube 3 installs incredibly fast, auto-detecting wiring configurations and more. It’s a real-time and versatile power analyzer that increases reliability and decreases service costs in machinery such as 300mm and 450mm wafering machines. A smart power intelligent component, PQube 3 automatically detects all power disturbances that can disrupt or damage tooling, including sags beyond SEMI F47. Semiconductor manufacturers also rely on the PQube 3’s extremely precise power flow measurement feature to predict failures in copy-exact devices. A PQube 3 power analyzer provides event-triggered recording based on sags, swells and interruptions, over and under-frequency, wave shape changes, inrush current, and more. Programmable, it triggers email alerts for any environmental disturbance, the perfect choice to use with precision tools that require precise alignment. Contact us to learn why semiconductor manufacturers choose a PQube 3 to improve their production and systems.