Fabrication processes demand high quality, dependable power: A challenge intensified by equipment sensitivity, process control requirements and voltage sag compliance.

Any electrical power issues can disrupt operations and reduce productivity, costing the fab millions of dollars. The power interruptions and voltage sags can be influenced by different elements: External natural events such as earthquakes and floods. A reaction to infrastructure issues within the facility. Or even environmental factors such as heat, moisture and vibrations.


Good news: These are preventable issues — if you have sophisticated, embedded, proactive monitoring to identify system abnormalities and monitor them 24/7.

Powerside PQube 3

Powerside’s PQube® 3

Gain advantages in a competitive market with best-in-class power analysis of both your power source and disturbances generated by the fab loads. Powerside’s PQube 3 power analyzer is specifically designed to provide a 360-degree view of power and process health — helping semiconductor manufacturers:


Optimize equipment productivity and lifespan

Energy Efficiency

Increase energy efficiency

What it monitors…and why it’s critical

The PQube 3 provides 4MHz high-frequency monitoring, measuring Power Quality and gapless harmonics across multiple loads up to the 150kHz supraharmonic range. Configurable thresholds for event and trend recording on the device can be transferred in readable format to fab operations and engineering staff automatically — no special software required. Power quality and process/environmental data are synchronized to the millisecond, delivering a comprehensive view of events. What’s more, reports overlaying built-in standard limits and curves enable you to proactively troubleshoot with facts. You’ll improve energy efficiency as well.

Set up is also straightforward: Integrate the PQube 3 directly into a tool or piece of fab equipment. The analyzer is compact and can be embedded inside the PDU, AC box or used standalone. The unit auto-detects the nominal frequency, voltage and wiring configuration, so no commissioning is required.

Power disturbances

  • Interruptions
  • Voltage and current harmonic disturbances
  • High-frequency impulses
  • Voltage spikes, swells and sags
  • Frequency variations
  • Main service overload

Environmental conditions (with the ENV2 module)

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Pressure
  • Vibration

SEMI F47 documentation

  • Daily and monthly compliance reporting
  • Additional SEMI F47 testing available from Powerside to certify your tool or tool component with Voltage Sag Immunity Standards

This real-time data can be automatically pushed to operators via secure protocols (HTTPS, FTP-S, BACnet, etc.)

Improve service to your customers (and avoid unnecessary costs)

Without proper monitoring, it’s difficult to trace the true root cause of a tool failure or product quality issue. The field technician is left having to make assumptions, often replacing the wrong component(s) in the process. Which leads to continued problems, added costs and delays, and failed service agreements.


The PQube 3 avoids all of this by clearly identifying issues and generating real-time alerts. This means you can identify impending problems in real time and initiate informed actions before they become critical.

Semiconductor lab using Powerside PQube 3
Powerside PQube 3

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Right-size power allocation

Energy costs comprise up to 30%1 of semiconductor fabrication operating expense, depending on market. The PQube 3 does its part to precisely map power use, providing visibility into the amount of power a tool actually uses, even at peak. This gives operators needed guidance to either allocate less power to the tool — or if necessary, adjust the number of tools on the manufacturing line to optimize production within fab limits.

For simpler disruption alerts, adding the Powerside PQ1 Power Quality Relay on any single phase enables notifications via alarms based on various international threshold standards. This low-cost embedded option has been used by semiconductor manufacturers for over 15 years.

1 McKinsey.com, “Bringing energy efficiency to the fab,” accessed June 2022

Semi F47 Testing

SEMI F47 compliance testing for peace of mind

Powerside offers Voltage Sag Immunity Testing services onsite or in our lab using our IPC test tool to certify that your tool can withstand and ride through voltage sags according to the SEMI F47-0706 standard. As a further test, the IPC can also analyze and record data as defined in SEMI S23 and E6, complete with detailed graphs of power, power factor, harmonics and distortion over time to validate design assumptions and demonstrate efficiency in every step of the process recipe.

Get the complete monitoring solution you need for semiconductor manufacturing.

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