Inventive Industry Insights…and Italy? We’re In! See you at ICHQP 2022 May 29-June 1

Naples, Italy

If you’re heading to Naples, Italy for the 20th annual ICHQP, plan on catching up with Powerside. Many of us will be on-site at the Powerside booth — and we’re also proud to be a Bronze Sponsor of the conference.

This year’s event theme, “Power Quality in the Energy Transition,” will explore how the widespread proliferation of electronic devices and increased calls for renewable energy are adding new dimensions to how modern power systems are designed and managed. Grid operators will need to adapt new methods for assessing, measuring and monitoring disturbances — and fresh thinking to optimize grid performance will be required.

These are challenges we’re addressing every day at Powerside, and we look forward to the discussion.

ICHQP (International Conference on Harmonics and Quality of Power) is one of the premier international conferences in the field of electrical power engineering and the only IEEE PES conference dedicated to the area of power quality.

Visit us at the Powerside booth and hear the latest updates

We’re hearing more questions from our utility customers around grid monitoring, especially as it pertains to the proliferation of distributed energy resources (DERs). How do DERs impact power quality and how can these effects be monitored and measured? Stop by and we’ll talk about that or anything else that’s on your mind.

We also want to know what’s new with you, so be sure to stop by for a visit.

Please contact Andreas to set up a meeting during the conference.

Can’t make it to ICHQP?

We’ll miss seeing you, but you can get in touch with us anytime. Drop us a note or call us at (US) 510-522-4400 or (Canada) 514-333-8392.