Corporations that continue to ignore a power problem do so at their own risk because without good power quality, many of the technologies that safeguard a business cannot reliably function.

In today’s power systems, relying on damage and performance issues to identify hidden threats on a business power system is like relying on identity theft and an empty bank account to detect the presence of a virus on your computer. Today’s C&I power systems are much smarter, highly interconnected, and more sensitive to “noise” than they used to be. The on/off simplicity of yesterday has been replaced with smarter, more digitized, and decentralized power systems. These systems include renewable and distributed energy assets that create a two-way power flow with the energy grid and LED lighting and equipment with variable speed drives that are deeply interconnected with other systems in the facility. All these changes substantially increase the potential for power system issues including harmonics, transients, sags, and swells. In short, these systems are not only more sensitive to hidden power system threats, but they are also more likely to cause them.

Powerside’s Power Security™ solutions are a total reimagining of the industry’s approach to business power system quality. It is a proactive, data-driven, system-wide solution that more effectively addresses the challenges of today’s more complex, interconnected, and sensitive corporate power systems. The Power Security™ solution use continuous monitoring and sophisticated analytics to break away from the repetitive issue-response-repair cycle used by traditional power quality providers. The result is a more secure business power system that is less susceptible to hidden threats, easier to diagnose and less costly to correct.

Act Now Because

80% of power issues originate on the customer side of the meter. That means it is likely that your power system already has issues that you are not aware of. An insecure power system, one with undetected threats including harmonics, transients, sags and swells can have real economic consequences in terms of equipment failures, lost productivity, operational issues and even reputation damage.

Conversely, a secure power system that integrates Monitoring, Analysis and Correction into a holistic solution reduces the risk and impact of hidden power threats and can be achieved with a proactive, holistic approach.


Knowing that a threat exits before it causes harm is critical to achieving and maintaining a secure power system. The PQube® 3 series of high-speed, revenue-grade power analyzers is the industry’s gold standard power monitoring solution. It continuously measures, identifies, and records all power quality disturbance, and environmental process parameter data in real-time. Our monitoring service offering called In-Site Intelligence Power System Monitoring, includes all hardware and installation, access to real-time cloud-based monitoring, unlimited technical support, and a number of consulting hours per year with our power experts.


While proper monitoring detects threats to business power systems, expert analysis is needed to make that information actionable. For systems that appear to be operating normally, Powerside electrical engineers can diagnose monitoring data to determine if hidden anomalies are indications of bigger issues and use this information to recommend preventative measures. For systems that are experiencing power problems, Powerside analysts can use monitoring data to identify root cause issues to guide fast, accurate and, more cost-effective correction.


Ultimately, corrective actions, when needed, must be effective, reliable, continuous and whenever possible, self-initiating. Powerside’s range of low and medium voltage capacitor banks and filters including PowerCap, PowerVar, PowerAct , SynchroMVar and PowerMVar provide the solutions needed.

As a result, Power Security™ monitors and systems provide a level of confidence and peace of mind that traditional power quality providers cannot match.

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