Low Voltage – Harmonic Active Filters

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Low Voltage – Harmonic Active Filters

PowerAct is the 2nd generation of active harmonic filters (AHF). Unlike passive filters that require initial studies of network harmonics, PowerAct Harmonic automatically detects harmful harmonic currents at the connection point and cancels them by injecting opposing currents.

PowerAct features a 3-level inverter topology, which reduces energy losses by 30% as compared to other 2-level topologies. It has a 50% higher energy density and can operate on a continuous line voltage up to 800V. These features make it more robust than other harmonic filters designed to operate up to 480V or 600V. 

PowerAct improves power quality by mitigating harmonics, correcting flickers, balancing loads, and compensating for poor power factor, making it a part of and a core building block of a smart grid solution.


Typical applications include large non-linear loads like 6- and 12-pulse variable frequency drives, DC drives, and other switch-mode power supply equipment.


  • Minimizes and corrects multiple disturbances
  • Reduces production downtime and repair costs due to premature aging of components
  • Reduces energy consumption, lowering CO2 emissions and a carbon footprint
  • Eliminates the need for complex engineering analysis and customization
  • Prevents penalties from electric utilities
  • Protects against harmful harmonics generated by nearby industrial operations


  • Selectively eliminates current and voltage distortion 
  • Improves energy efficiency and provides other power quality corrections
  • Modular design allows the system to grow as required 
  • Smart controls identify and eliminate any order of harmonics
  • Automatically adapts to changes in equipment and network parameters
  • IEEE-519-2014 utility connection standard compliant