PowerCap Auto

Normal, variable loads

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Normal, variable loads

The PowerCap Auto wall-mounted automatic capacitor banks are the ideal option
to dynamically compensate for the poor power factor in small to medium size
installations with variable loads. Their robust, yet space-saving construction
will provide increased reliability under the most rigorous operating conditions.

The PowerCap Auto are also equipped with a dynamic power factor controller
that gradually and automatically adjusts the compensation according to the load

Compact and cost-efficient, they range from 75 to 300 kvar. The capacitor banks
include up to 4 steps which are automatically connected based on the amount of
kvar compensation required on the network.

They are built with self-healing, hermetically sealed capacitor cells and are equipped
with a 3-phase overpressure disconnect in case of excessive pressure.


These banks are ideal for small and medium installations with variable demand, such as commercial buildings, workshops, warehouses, stores, and more.


  • Wall-mounted, automatic capacitor bank
  • Space-saving and cost-effective design
  • Robust and durable
  • Maintenance-free terminations
  • Automatic Power Factor Controller (remote communication optional)
  • Fuse protection (BFI optional)