PowerCap Filter

High harmonics, fixed loads

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High harmonics, fixed loads

The PowerCap Filter is intended for deployment fixed loads with high levels of harmonic distortion. It comes standard with high temperature and harmonic rated capacitor cells. It ranges from 25 to 200 kvar and include filtering tuned to the 3.78th harmonic. It also comes equipped with fuses and blown fuse indicators (BFIs). 

The PowerCap Filter is designed to ensure maximum safety and extended product life. The capacitor banks are built with self-healing cells with segmented metallized film that withstand high levels of harmonics. The metallized polypropylene coil immediately seals any punctured areas caused by electrical arcs. The cells are also equipped with a 3-phase overpressure disconnect to prevent them from bursting in case of excessive pressure. These capacitors have screwless terminations that secure wiring with a maintenance free, antivibration connection.


It is recommended for group-load side compensation where multiple electronic and some inductive loads require compensation.


  • Compact and Economical Design
  • Robust and durable
  • Maintenance-free terminations
  • Casing temperature rating up to 70°C
  • Fuses and blown fuse indicators (BFI’s)
  • Withstand high harmonic current