PowerMVar Series

Medium voltage large industrial grade capacitor and filter banks

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Medium voltage large industrial grade capacitor and filter banks

PowerMVar is a series of metal enclosed, automatic filtered and non-filtered capacitor banks, designed to operate at nominal voltage of 2.4 - 38kV.

The outdoor rated capacitor and filter banks are pre-assembled and interconnected inside a compartmentalized enclosure. They are fully factory tested and ready for a simple and rapid installation and interconnection at the site.

All protection and control are provided in separated and isolated compartiments. These compartiments along with the capacitor and filter sections can be engineered with multiple configurations and options to meet specific application requirements and standards, including basic insulation levels (BIL) tests. 

Unlike the PoweMVar PFC and Filter, conceived with vacuum swithes for variable compensation, the PowerMVar Fast includes a state of art control algorithm designed to switch capacitors rapidly to compensate for voltage drops during the startup of large motors. The system is designed to operate with standard off the shelf and cost-efficient single pole vacuum switches. It can respond to load changes in just a few cycles while maintaining a transient free operation. 

The PowerMVar provides power factor compensation and harmonic mitigation under two different operating conditions:

  • PowerMVar PFC Low harmonics, variable compensation
  • PowerMVar Filter High harmonics, variable compensation
  • PowerMVar Fast High harmonics, dynamic compensation


  • Comprehensive and flexible control and monitoring capabilities
  • Complete safety protections (kirk key, self discharge, and more)
  • Delivered fully tested and ready for interconnection
  • CSA certified
  • Low maintenance costs