PQube® 3 Power Analyzers

Best power monitor and real-time sensor you can buy.

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Many Devices in One

PQube 3 is simply one of the best investments in productivity and process quality improvement you’ll ever make. The PQube 3 analyzers offer the only complete solution on the market. With a vast array of inputs from electrical to environmental, the PQube 3 analyzer makes sophisticated data analysis a straightforward process. 

The PQube 3 is voltage quality compliant when measuring electricity delivered at the point of common coupling (PCC), as well as when diagnosing equipment malfunctions. Capable of multiple power quality monitoring, it replaces four traditional revenue-grade meters. As well, you get environmental sensing and external process measurements. In addition, you will be able to receive advanced protection of processes. The PQube 3 is the best choice for protecting sensitive processes that require specific recovery actions. This allows to program up to 4 specific control actions. 


Records every type of AC power disturbance, including 4 MHz sampling as well as environmental data such as temperature, humidity and barometric pressure, vibration, 3-axis acceleration and process parameters (torque, RPM, fuel level, water flow, and more.)


  • Many devices in one, from Triggered Oscilloscope and Chart
  • Recorder to Real-time Intelligent Sensor 
  • Flexible energy-analyzing platform with advanced power quality features
  • Flexible installation options, from Snap-On DIN-rail to portable, and everything in between
  • Easy to use-no software required for remote data access
  • Peace of mind from real-time analysis 
  • Enables rapid and effective diagnostics 
  • Ensures process compliance 
PQube Series
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PQube 3
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PQube 3
PQube 3