Helping you solve equipment voltage sags.

San Francisco, Boston, Austin, Portland, France, England, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, China (Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Taiwan) Korea, Singapore, Thailand. Where ever you’re located, we’re happy to come to you, bringing our specialized power quality test equipment and expertise

Our Services Include

• Industrial equipment certifying for IEC 61000-4-11 and 61000-4-34 voltage dip immunity

• Semiconductor equipment certifying for SEMI F47, SEMI E6, SEMI S23, and IEEE 1100

• Semiconductor manufacturing

• Automobile manufacturing

• Pharmaceutical processing and packaging

• Data centers

• Military equipment

What’s SEMI F47?

SEMI F47-0706 is an industry standard for voltage sag immunity. It states that industrial equipment must tolerate voltage sags, or dips, on the AC mains supply to specific depths and duration. It’s an useful standard that many other industries use it, either formally or informally. Equipment that complies with the SEMI F47 has been proven to be more reliable and productive.

How Expensive is SEMI F47 Testing?

It’s quite inexpensive. In most cases, it’s not necessary to add expensive power conditioning devices to the industrial equipment. Instead, Semi F47 testing by Powerside (formerly Power Standards Labs) identifies the weak points, and suggests low-cost or zero-cost solutions. These solutions rane from minor changes in power supply configuration, to software delays, to different relay, or contractor selection.

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