The Security and Alert System, for your Power!

The power grid is changing. Base loads and power generation are no longer what they used to be. The number of non-linear loads and
distributed generation systems has significantly increased. The result is that each year, power disturbances are now causing billions of
dollars in damage.

Detect Power Disruptions and Take Action

Powerside’s new Power Intelligence™ cloud-based monitoring service delivers real-time data about your power quality. Our 24/7/365 platform provides actionable information on energy consumption, power quality trends, and power events. Our service offers an unique data-driven approach which allows you to identify power quality issues and pro-actively correct them before they diminish profitability, create downtime, or cause safety issues.

Benefits of In-Site Monitoring and Consulting

Event Troubleshooting

Comprehensive event data for faster root cause analysis and effective corrective action planning

  • Voltage swells, sags and spikes
  • Voltage and current imbalance
  • Power frequency variation
  • Harmonic, grid, and plant emissions

  • Momentary outages
  • Breaker overload and tripping
  • UPS and Genset performance
  • Power factor correction

Trend Analysis and Planning

Long term data to support

  • Grid degradation assessment and correction
  • Event frequency, impact, and correction
  • Plant efficiency management
  • Data-driven Utility provider management
  • Seasonality assessment
  • Operations optimization
  • Preventative maintenance planning
  • Load growth planning
  • Tariff optimization, demand charge reduction

In-Site, a turnkey power monitoring system

Our affordable monthly subscription services includes everything you need

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