Stop power quality problems before they start

Monitoring and detection of power quality issues like voltage spikes, swells, and sags, harmonic disturbances, and power interruptions is essential to ensuring a businesses overall performance, safety, and reliability. A fast and reliable detection of on-site power quality issues when they occur allows them to be quickly and effectively resolved with minimal disruption to your business.

Get the job done with the portable PQube 3

Bringing a portable PQube 3 on-site ensures you can get real-time actionable data to solve power quality disruptions that can cripple a businesses operation. This unit is easy and fast to set-up and provides information on just about any type of power quality issue including: 


Uncover hard-to-find or intermittent issues; monitor critical equipment, capture power quality events to correlate with actual and future equipment malfunctions. 

Power quality surveys

Quantify power quality throughout a facility, documenting results with comprehensive, actionable information to improve power factor. 

Quality of service compliance

Validate incoming power quality at the service entrance.

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