Pinpoint and correct power quality problems

Choose Powerside’s electrical engineers for technical support that goes beyond basic troubleshooting by analyzing power quality issues, including high harmonic distortion or low power factor. We focus on helping facilities manage their energy and solve complex power system issues that involve equipment, automation, or the utility. Choose our team to quickly analyze and pinpoint power disturbances that improve a system’s efficiency, reduce operating costs, and increase equipment’s lifespan.

Take control of your power quality

Our power network analysis services include

  • In-depth harmonic network analysis using ETAP software to assess:
    • Harmonic charges
    • The resonant frequency of your network
    • Design optimization
  • Design of custom harmonics solutions
  • Power factor analysis
  • Recommendations on power corrections products including power analyzers, low-voltage or metal-enclosed medium voltage capacitor banks, and harmonic filters.  

Improve power and energy management

Contact us today to learn how we can help. A member of our engineering services will reach out to answer your questions or arrange for an in-depth on-site analysis

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