Power Network Analysis

Mitigate power quality issues like high harmonic distortion or low power factor in your facilities in order to improve your efficiency, reduce your costs, and extend your equipment’s lifespan.

Harmonic distortions increase the voltage and current in power systems, resulting in overheating and excessive voltage distortion. This has a number of negative effects if left unchecked, including reduced system power factor, equipment degradation and malfunction, additional costs on utility bills, and increased environmental footprint.

The non-linear characteristics of many industrial and commercial loads have made harmonic distortion a common occurrence in electrical power networks. It is a site-specific problem, resulting from the complex interrelationship between all of the electrical/electronic equipment in a facility, and is therefore difficult to predict and model.

Low power factor means that you aren’t fully using the power you’re paying for, creating significant penalties on your electricity bill, overloading your electrical distribution system, and increasing your carbon footprint.

Powerside offer a comprehensive range of services to help you deal with these issues.

Our power network analysis services include

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