We’ve put together a list of some frequently asked questions about our PQube 3.  Check back often for updates or email us at support@powerside.com if you have a question you’d like answered. 

How does a PQube 3 external micro SD card backup work?

Every morning at 4:30 AM local time, the PQube 3 copies the recorded files of the previous day’s trends and events to the external SD card. The folder structure copied is identical to the folder structure accessible via FTP, i.e.  year, month, day. Automatic SD backup is an option that can be activated with the PQube configurator using firmware 3.5.6 and above.

How to remotely check the amount of data on a PQube 3 SD card?

There are two ways to check the amount of data:

  1. Open a PQube's web page and navigate to the METERS menu. Under "Internal Sensors", the PQube's memory use is shown as a percentage. This percentage is the amount of space being used on the SD card. Using a 4-gig SD card, a 75% Usage rate would indicate that roughly 3 gigs of data are in use on the SD card.
  2. Send your PQube a Test email with the subject line: PQube Send Test Email. The unit will respond with the data available.

What is the maximum length of the wire you can use with a split-core CT and a PQube 3?

The maximum length of wire recommended for a split-core CT and a PQube 3 is 500 ft (152 m).

How to setup a PQube 3 without connecting to the network

Copy the Setup.ini file onto the USB stick that comes with the PQube. Insert the USB into the top USB slot located underneath the blue lid.  This will activate an onscreen message stating a new Setup has been detected. Press YES to apply. The PQube 3 will automatically restart and apply the settings.

How to download data from a PQube 3 using a USB or microSD card.
• Using a microSD, the data is automatically backed up nightly. The card may fill up over time so it’s a good idea to check the card and clear space as needed.

When downloading data, there are no date ranges. However, you can use the FREE Report Writer program to generate a report based on a date range.

 Can you delete PQube 3 files from an FTP?

No. The FTP function on the PQube 3 is designed for transferring files only. To delete files from your PQube 3, use the CLEAR DATA function using a web page and the PQube 3 display.

When the PQube 3’s internal memory reaches 75%, it will automatically delete older data to free up space for new data.

How to clean a PQube 3?

Power off the unit. Wipe the accessible parts of your PQube 3 with a slightly damp lint-free cloth. Do not use abrasives or chemical cleaners.

How to replace a PQube 3 Clock Battery?

Contact Powerside Technical support to order the replacement battery.  Once received, follow these steps:

  1. Power off the unit
  2. Disconnect the mains connections, and verify the disconnections
  3. To remove the battery, insert a small flat-head screwdriver to pry up the logo near the USB port and microSD card slot
  4. Remove the old battery and install the new one
  5. Close the cover
  6. Reconnect the mains connections
  7. Power on the unit

What’s the life expectancy of a PQube 3 and PM1 module?

The estimated life expectancy of a PQube 3 and PM1 module is 10 years based on an operating temperature of 20-30 degrees Celsius.

 Where’s the on and off switch on the PQube 3?

A PQube 3 does not have an on/off switch because it is designed to run continuously.

 Can a PQube 3 automatically download data via FTP to a workstation?

A PQube 3 doesn’t automatically download files via FTP to a workstation or server. You need to manually initiate an FTP client session with the PQube to start the transfer of files. However, some third-party solutions to share. Use CN Rood’s DSS Platform or Tectra’s MPMS software program both will automatically initiate downloads.