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Today, we’ve got exciting news to share with you.  With the merge of Power Survey and Power Standards Lab, we’re launching our new brand and company – POWERSIDE. You’ll see our new look anywhere we’re out in public. On our website, LinkedInFacebookTwitter, and Youtube, and soon, you’ll see it on our products. We believe this change matches who we are and what we do — an agile builder of thoughtful, innovative Power Intelligence™ products and services. 

As we continue to grow our Powerside family, expanding our areas of focus and power products, we wanted our new brand to best reflect why we exist and where we’re headed. Our brand identity goal was to join our values as industry leaders in power quality with the people we serve. Everyone pitched in and brainstormed, to design our new DNA. Helping to position our unique identity that reflected our core values — a reliable, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and responsive partner, someone you could count on to have your back when the going gets tough.  For a while, we had some challenges trying to unify, but we believe that we have finally created achieved our goal. A simple, sophisticated, and relevant brand name that stands for who we are. 


Our new logo represents change, growth, and a bright future. The iconic “P” brandmark is a simple and elegant aesthetic instantly recognizable as being part of the power industry.  Our wordmark POWER identifies the industry we serve with the word SIDE representing our core value. We are on your side, helping correct your power disruption challenges. Our graphic element visually communicates how our products transform uncontrolled power chaos into a controlled, balanced peace of mind. The logo with the choice of blue hues reinforces the concept that an electrical current is seen as blue when it passes through the air.  Our selection of Karbon font is deliberate—clean, modern, and contemporary. Our tag line is powerful and clear, we put all our energy into your power.

Find us here. By your side. Under Control. 

Take a look around our website. We’ve got a depth of comprehensive information that focuses on power quality products and services along with some nifty interactive power factor tools.

Let us know what you think – we’re proud of our new identity and hope you like it to.


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