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Power Quality Experts

Experts in the design, development and analysis of industrial, utility, and commercial power systems and power factor correction equipment. We’re dedicated to constantly and consistently supplying, monitoring, and recording every aspect of industrial, utility and commercial power systems all over the world.

Our story

Powerside is the result of the successful union of Power Survey and Power Standards Lab. In 2019 these two power specialists joined forces to become a global leader in power quality.

Our power equipment is manufactured in Montreal Quebec, and our measurement instruments in our American plant located in Alameda California.

Power Standards Lab Inc., specializes in the design and manufacture of easy-to-install, ultra-precise electric power instruments for monitoring power quality and energy, and performing data analysis.

Power Survey specializes in ensuring power resilience and dependability by providing the highest quality power factor correction and harmonic filtering solutions 

Now, as a single company we have the expertise to create the most innovative tools and ensure the most consistent flow of uninterrupted power to empower our customers and partners.

Together we are more powerful than ever. Together we are today’s smarter power

Our mission

All our energy, in your power

We are power quality made simple. Whatever you’ve got going on, we’re on it, all the time. 360° power quality, 365 days a year. We are on your side, and by your side, providing fast, reliable, and ongoing support so that everything remains uncompromisingly under control. Our expertise makes it easier for you to succeed and come out on top. Nothing is more empowering than knowing you have the best possible partner onside, inside and out.

Our values

Reliability. Availability. Predictability. That’s us.

We’re not just power quality.

We’re the power quality partner that guarantees peace of mind. We know how much power quality matters. We value how valuable your equipment and machinery is and that it needs to be protected to work perfectly all the time, for a long time.

Our teams work closely with you to create and package just-right solutions so you can power on without fail.

When we say it’s never been easier to provide excellent power quality, we mean it. 

More power, less worry. Our experts make it easy.

We take care of everything, from analysis and problem-solving, to monitoring and prediction, to prevention and control, so you can take care of what you do best.

Reliability. Availability. Predictability. That’s us.

Meet our team

Our leadership team has extensive experience in the energy industry and venture-backed companies. Learn more about the unique backgrounds they bring to their work.