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Medical Scanning

Power quality issues are a hidden cost for facilities operating medical scanning equipment. Such devices are delicate instruments that depend on reliable power for optimal functioning.

Medical scanning devices experience several  detrimental effects from power quality issues, like excessive repairs and unnecessary service calls, equipment downtime and reduced lifespan, poor image quality, and increased environmental impact.

Attempting to compensate for power quality issues without proper power monitoring and detection can further complicate the problem, because without adequately identifying the cause of the failure, contract providers are on the hook for customer induced failures. Furthermore, because power quality problems are often intermittent, technicians can spend hours trying to track down a problem, attempting to solve the problem by what is effectively guesswork.

Powerside solutions for medical scanning:

  • Proactive mitigation of power quality issues by installing equipment like capacitor banks or harmonic filters to improve overall power quality
  • Active monitoring and detection of power quality issues using PQube 3 detection devices so that appropriate corrective action can be taken rapidly and efficiently when power quality issues occur.