Wastewater treatment

Water treatment is responsible for 4% of energy consumption, with wastewater treatment being the largest energy consumer in the sector.

Energy is mainly used to pump and process water; pumping operations alone account for 80-85% of electricity consumption. Water treatment plants look for efficient ways to reduce energy consumption and operating costs.

To control energy consumption, many facilities use Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) to manage their pumps, fans, and air compressors. However, these drives and other electronic loads such as ozone generators and UV filters, cause power quality problems. Harmonic current distortion, reactive power, and voltage fluctuation in the power network lead to significant negative impacts like overheating of electrical components, motors, drives, and transformers leading to malfunction and failure of equipment and components which risks spilling wastewater into surrounding waterways.

Powerside solutions for Wastewater treatment

  • Improved safety and reliability of operations
  • Reduced fuel consumption and maintenance costs
  • Minimized impact on the environment

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