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As a trusted partner to OEM’s, the PQube3 is an integral power quality detection and monitoring device that is used in wide-range of industries. The PQube 3 increases reliability, and decreases services costs, in 300mm and 450mm tools. Detect every power disturbance that can disrupt or damage your tool, including sags beyond SEMI F47. Use your PQube 3’s ultra-precise power flow measurements to predict failures in copy-exact tools. Your PQube 3 even sends you an email when your precision tool is accidentally bumped by an operator, or hit by a small earthquake, affecting your precision alignments. The PQube3 makes high-level data into a simple process.

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Include a PQube 3 in your MRI design, and your service department automatically receives emails when the clinic or hospital power deviates from your specs – a common problem in developing countries, especially if room cooling is operated from the same power source. And in mobile applications, your PQube 3 triggers and records any bumps that could affect your magnet or temperature/humidity excursions that affect your precision electronics.

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