Grid Stabilization

Uncover the Knowledge to Address Power Grid Problems

Rising Demand and Aging Infrastructure

Power grids are facing new challenges. Analysts project that renewables will account for 95% of the increased power capacity through 2026.1 Consumers are transitioning to more electric-based technologies like electric vehicles and heat pumps. Increasingly severe weather events bring the possibility of more voltage disturbances. Grid operators need data and solutions to help them solve power quality problems that affect capacity and reliability in a new era.
1 International Energy Agency, “Renewable electricity growth is accelerating faster than ever worldwide, supporting the emergence of the new global energy economy,” December 21, 2021

New Tech Brings New Challenges

New types of loads can also impact grid resiliency. Many new energy efficient technologies, like EV chargers, LED streetlights and solar panels, can emit high-frequency distortions — known as supraharmonics. If left unchecked, supraharmonics can travel back through the networks and cause serious problems for providers and customers, including:

Higher energy

Overheating Capacitors and Transformers

Power monitoring

Equipment Malfunctions and Damage

Communication interference

Interference in Power-Line Communication

Accelerate repairs

Compromised Energy Meter Readings

Powerside Puts You on the Path to Grid Modernization

We provide the cutting-edge solutions and expertise to help grid operators take on today’s energy challenges.

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Relevant Solutions

PQube® 3 Power Analyzers

PQube® 3 Power Analyzer

Our advanced power quality analyzers are the only complete solution capable of capturing and reporting power quality and environmental data in real time.

QubeScan Monitoring Software

QubeScan Monitoring Software

Streamline power analyzer visibility and reporting with QubeScan — an advanced software solution that lets you access in-depth insights about power quality health across your fleet — from anywhere. Equipped with fully customizable dashboards and alerts to meet your unique needs.

microPMU Synchrophasor

microPMU Synchrophasor

Designed with wide-area measurement in mind, the microPMU delivers perfectly synchronized snapshots of key points across the grid.



By combining the insights of the PQube 3 Power Analyzer and microPMU Synchrophasor, GridAnalyzer delivers ultra-precise, real-time monitoring capabilities to gain more situational awareness of your distribution or microgrid.

Rugged Pole-Mount

Rugged Pole-Mount Package

Perfect for distribution line monitoring, this solution features the PQube 3 pre-packaged in an IP44-rated polycarbonate enclosure with mounting brackets. Also available in a cellular modem-ready option for reliable data collection in rural areas where ethernet is unavailable.