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Evaluating and managing power quality has become ever more difficult due to climate change, heavy reliance on power line communication, energy efficient technologies and the desire to enhance reliability through microgrids and distributed energy sources. Powerside helps the power industry respond to what’s new and what’s next.

Power Quality Is Key to Grid Performance

Powerside supports utility providers with solutions that help keep electricity ready and reliable.

Power monitoring

Robust Power Monitoring

Data driven

Data-Driven Intelligence

Optimize solutions

Solutions to Optimize Power Quality, Improve Power Factor and More

Accelerate repairs

Niche Expertise for Problem Solving: i.e., Measuring Distortions in Islanded Assets

Support from All Sides of Generation and Distribution

Whether you’re addressing challenges from modern technologies or simply looking for a way to improve your legacy infrastructure, Powerside can help.

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Relevant Solutions

PQube® 3 Power Analyzers

PQube® 3 Power Analyzer

The PQube 3 series of power analyzers remotely measure, identify and record all power quality disturbance and environmental process parameter data in real-time. Get measurements, graphical information and events delivered to your mobile device or desktop. PQube 3 Portable units are compact and built especially for harsh environments.

microPMU Synchrophasor

microPMU Synchrophasor

It works like a microscope to help you understand what’s going on with your power grid in micro-second resolution and accuracy. microPMU takes phasor measurements at 30 observations per second, and can also shed light on wide-area events like rolling blackouts and cyber threats.

PowerAct Active Filter 500A closed

PowerAct Low Voltage Active Harmonic Filter

Support a stronger grid with our advanced PowerAct harmonic filters — designed to mitigate damaging harmonics and prevent resonance conditions while improving efficiency. Plus, as an active filter, they operate at full correction capacity with no risk of overload — for safe and reliable performance in critical applications.



By combining the insights of the PQube 3 Power Analyzer and microPMU Synchrophasor, GridAnalyzer delivers ultra-precise, real-time monitoring capabilities to gain more situational awareness of your distribution or microgrid.

Rugged Pole-Mount

Rugged Pole-Mount Packing

Perfect for distribution line monitoring, this solution features the PQube 3 pre-packaged in an IP44-rated polycarbonate enclosure with mounting brackets. Also available in a cellular modem-ready option for reliable data collection in rural areas where ethernet is unavailable.