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Central, Secure Access to Your Powerside Power Analyzer Fleet

QubeScan maximizes the value of power quality monitoring across your enterprise. This intelligent, secure AWS cloud platform gives you immediate, remote visibility into comprehensive quality data from all your Powerside analyzers. Tap into insight 24/7 — even from your mobile device. Quickly share information between stakeholders without composing multiple emails and reports. Work more efficiently and make decisions with precision.

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Keep Insight Close at Hand to Feed Your Workflow

Maximize the value of power quality monitoring by pulling the data into your workflow. Users have real-time and trended visibility of data and events with moderated, secure remote access. Customizable, intuitive dashboards and trend alert capabilities allow for easy interpretation, with the option to drill deeper for further investigation. QubeScan also deploys firmware to all your Powerside analyzers for the freshest functionality.

Designed to Fit the Way You Work

QubeScan comes with features that make the information you need easy to access and format.
  • Scalable fleet management platform includes live meters
  • Create interactive views of event-recorded waveforms, HF emission heatmaps, multi-circuit energy dashboards and more
  • Scroll through history of parameter trends from minutes to years of data
  • Capture accurate logging of all events via keynotes

QubeScan Enhances Your Visibility Into Important Operational Insights Such As:

Performance Information

Power and Energy Consumption, Trends, Events and Environmental Parameters

Real time disturbances

Real-Time Power Disturbances


System Malfunctions, Damage and Failures

Power issues

Root Causes of Power Issues

Energy fluctuations

Fluctuations in Energy Consumption

Efficient metrics

Key Performance and Efficiency Metrics Like Reactive Power and Power Factor

QubeScan Operational Insights

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Watch the demo videos to learn more about how to set up and configure QubeScan, or visit the interactive site to take a tour of QubeScan’s full capabilities.

Dashboard & Sag Events
Demo Live Meters
Energy Dashboard
Fleet Overview Map
Maintenance Page
Trend Graphs

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