Power Factor Correction

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How Much Are You Paying For Unusable Power?

Machines can’t use reactive power to do work. But that “unusable” reactive power still makes up part of your utility bill and takes up network capacity. As such, poor power factor due to high reactive power demand can have a significant impact on your operations, leading to:

Higher energy

Higher Energy Costs

Power monitoring

Reduced System Capacity

Data driven

Costly Utility Penalties

See the Benefits of Better Power Factor

Our power factor corrections solutions make reducing reactive power simple.

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Relevant Solutions

PowerCap Low Voltage Fixed Banks

PowerCap Low Voltage Fixed Banks

The standard in power factor correction, PowerCap Fixed Banks connect directly to your equipment for immediate compensation at the source. Available in ultra-light wall mounted configurations or standalone banks, PowerCap offers unmatched versatility for any application.

PowerVar Low Voltage Auto Banks

PowerVar Low Voltage Auto Banks

Get advanced power factor correction and harmonic filtering — all in a single cabinet. Our fully automatic capacitor and filter banks instantly adjust to changing conditions to deliver continuous correction for your entire system.

Metal Enclosed Medium Voltage Filter Banks

PowerMVar Metal Enclosed Medium Voltage Filter Banks

Our Medium Voltage Filter banks are the ideal choice for facility-wide power factor correction. Custom built to meet your needs, these banks come assembled, tested and ready to interconnect.