PQ1 Power Quality Sensor

Critical Power Quality Insights in a Compact Package

The PQ1 Power Quality Sensor is the fast, accurate relay that alerts you to power quality compliance issues. It’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, yet precise enough for reliable monitoring in every application from semiconductor manufacturing to aircraft. Plus, at less than one-tenth the cost of a traditional power analyzer, the PQ1 can pay for itself with the first issue detected.

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Simple Set Up for Instant Results

The PQ1 easily integrates into your power mains with no software required. It identifies and alerts for power disturbances such as major and minor voltage sags, swells, interruptions and impulses as short as 500 nanoseconds.

PQ1 Simplifies Power Quality Monitoring

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Easy to use

Easy to Use

With 16 preset industry standard thresholds, PQ1 comes ready-made to meet the requirements of any application, with no software — or computer — required



Easily configure the PQ1 to send event reports to your error logs, activate alarms or simply read results directly from the front-panel LEDs

Easy install


Instantly identify the root causes of power quality disturbances to avoid lengthy troubleshooting or trial-and-error repair processes


Helps Increase Customer Satisfaction

Accurate power quality information can help contain warranty and maintenance costs, protect equipment life and reduce ineffective repairs

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