Ensuring Healthcare Equipment Performance and Integrity

Low Power Quality Harms High‑Tech Equipment

Today’s advanced medical technology can see more, sense more and give deeper insights than ever before. But this essential equipment is sensitive to more than just health problems; it is also vulnerable to power disturbances that can cause interference, malfunctions, damage and even compromise the integrity of critical scan images.

Bring Your Power Up to Par

Power quality issues — such as voltage fluctuations and harmonic distortions — or changes in environmental conditions can wreak havoc on critical tools and instruments. Powerside provides advanced power quality solutions to help you:

Accelerate repairs

Monitor Power Quality Events and Environmental Parameters to Maintain Peak Operating Conditions

Power monitoring

Mitigate Harmonic Currents That Can Cause Malfunctions, Corrupt Data and Damage Equipment

Correct power quality

Correct Power Quality Issues That Lead to Increased Energy Costs and Downtime

Regulate demand

Regulate kVar Demand to Avoid Costly Power Factor Penalties

Meet regular requirements

Meet Regulatory Requirements for Activation of Emergency Power

Our Solutions Keep MedTech Moving

We combine industry leading technology and unparalleled customer service to deliver power quality solutions that make an impact.

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Relevant Solutions

Power System Analysis Portable PQube® 3

Power System Analysis

Get started on your journey to better quality power with a simple Power System Analysis. We’ll provide a comprehensive report of your system’s health, diagnose the root causes of any issues and deliver tailored recommendations to optimize your operations.

PQube® 3 Power Analyzers

PQube® 3 Power Analyzer

Our PQube 3 Power Analyzers deliver best-in-class monitoring capabilities for the medical industry. With up to the millisecond reporting and customizable alerts, PQube 3 gives you unmatched visibility into power quality and environmental conditions.

PowerAct Active Filter 500A closed

PowerAct Low Voltage Active Filter

Counteract harmonic distortions that damage sensitive medical instruments. PowerAct filters leverage a predictive algorithm to automatically respond to harmonic variations while ensuring continuous protection for your equipment.

Metal Enclosed Medium Voltage Filter Banks

PowerMVar Metal Enclosed Medium Voltage Filter Bank

Take power factor corrections to the next level with our fully engineered, compact and cost-effective solution. PowerMVar is custom-built to meet your exact needs and shipped assembled, tested and ready to connect.



A monitoring solution that’s purpose-built for the medical industry, MediScan gives you the insights you need to protect critical imaging equipment and maintain facility compliance.