PowerAct Low Voltage Active Harmonic Filter

Clean Up Your Power with PowerAct

Protect your essential systems from harmful electrical distortions that waste energy and damage equipment. Our PowerAct Low Voltage Active Filters are designed to prevent equipment malfunctions, extend system life, boost efficiency and dramatically improve power quality.

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Mitigate Harmful Harmonics and More

Harmonic currents can travel back through your electrical system and damage equipment connected to the same power source. PowerAct effectively cancels out harmonics by automatically injecting equal and opposite frequencies to instantly correct the problem.

PowerAct mitigates harmful harmonics

Protect Mission-Critical Equipment

PowerAct offers robust protection for sensitive industrial and commercial environments — like data centers and medical facilities — as well as applications where large non-linear loads are present, like wind power generation or water treatment plants. Using a predictive algorithm that automatically responds to harmonic changes, PowerAct ensures reliable protection for vital equipment at all times.

The Gold Standard in Harmonic Mitigation

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Optimize performance

Dependable Performance

As an active filter, PowerAct can operate at full correction capacity with no risk of overload — for safe and reliable performance in any application

Compact design

Compact Design

Built for small spaces and flexible applications, PowerAct’s compact and modular design allows for current correction up to 750A in a single cabinet

Energy Efficient

Reduced Energy Waste

PowerAct goes beyond harmonics to compensate for reactive power that wastes energy — helping increase efficiency and lower energy costs