Commissioning & Support

Expert Support at Every Step

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Whether you’re experiencing equipment issues at startup or trouble with the health of your electric systems, you can call on Powerside. Our team of electrical engineers are always available to provide in-depth, expert support for your systems and teams. Our complementary services include:

  • Pre-installation support
  • Operation and maintenance training
  • Thorough testing at installation
  • Ongoing post-commissioning support

Comprehensive System Commissioning

We are committed to ensuring our systems operate right — right from the start. Our rigorous commissioning protocols assess every part of your equipment, helping to confirm:

  • Correct installation of equipment
  • Proper configuration of system settings and operating ranges
  • Accurate data recording and reporting from monitoring systems
  • Efficient and effective operation of corrections equipment

  • Alert systems are triggered when appropriate
  • Power factor correction systems operate within utility requirement
  • All systems meet manufacturing and compliance standards