PowerAct Hybrid Harmonic Filter

A Combined Solution to Share the Load

Large power users rarely have just one kind of load. That’s why we’ve combined active and passive harmonic filtering technology into a single enclosure — delivering tailored power factor and harmonic compensation in a uniquely cost-effective solution.

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Now Critical Equipment Can Work in Harmony

Modern facilities are susceptible to serious power quality issues stemming from high-powered machinery and high-tech equipment. If left unchecked, electrical issues like poor power factor or high harmonics can drag down efficiency, draw utility penalties and damage your equipment. PowerAct Hybrid Filters leverage the latest in Powerside corrections technology to improve power quality across your whole system.

PowerAct hybrid filter now helps critical equipment work in harmony

Two Technologies. One Enclosure. Countless Benefits.

Our hybrid filters combine the gold standard in passive filters, advanced active filtering technology — and the economy of a single solution. Being “all in one” allows passive filters to correct baseline harmonics and reactive power, while freeing up active filters to respond to variable events as they occur. The result? The most cost-effective option to cover day-to-day needs, with top-of-the-line tech there when you need it.

Hybrid Solutions Deliver Maximum Value

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Compact design

Almost Half the Size

By combining two pieces of equipment in one enclosure, PowerAct Hybrid Filters take up 37% less space than traditional filtering solutions.

Lowe costs


With the need for only one breaker and set of cabling, our hybrid filters provide significant savings on installation costs.



PowerAct Hybrid Filters are custom configured to meet your precise power factor and harmonics needs, delivering the ideal corrections capabilities for your application.

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