Pole-MVar Pole-Mount Filter Bank

Manage Reactive Power and Resonance With A Single Unit

To address voltage drops on overhead lines and reduce reactive currents caused by inductive loads, the use of capacitor banks is on the rise. Pole-mounted units are especially popular because they allow engineers to manage voltage fluctuations, capacity and power factor correction close to the source. The trouble is that adding capacitor banks to networks with high harmonic distortion can induce harmonic resonance — potentially damaging the capacitor and other network equipment. Powerside developed Pole-MVar to solve these conflicting issues on a challenging form factor.

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Pole-MVar Raises the Bar of Capacitor Bank Capabilities

The filtered Pole-MVar bank performs like a traditional capacitor bank, compensating the reactive energy needed for voltage support, capacity relief, and to correct power factor. But what’s unique is that Pole-MVar also includes reactors that dampen harmonic distortion and prevent resonance from occurring. What’s more, Pole-MVar can be customized with additional features — including power quality monitoring. The result: A seamless all-in-one approach that eliminates the need to add more bulky equipment to a crowded pole.


Take Reliability to the Next Level With Pole-MVar

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Increase diagnostics

Improve Power Factor to Reduce Losses

Eliminate penalties

Prevent Resonance

Optimize performance

Enhance System Capacity


Regulate Network Voltage

Mitigate Harmonics

Energy Efficient

Eliminate the Challenges of Pad-Mounted Banks

Compact design

Maximize valuable space on the pole