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Powerside Introduces Pole-MVar to Expand Capacitor Bank Capabilities

Modern electronics running on aging grid infrastructure can set up a perfect storm of power system problems. Powerside helps utilities and commercial customers proactively mitigate issues. 

Montreal, Canada, Feb. 27, 2024 (PRWeb) — Powerside announces the launch of Pole-MVar, a tuned-filter capacitor bank designed to manage conflicting issues of harmonic distortion and harmonic resonance in a compact pole-mounted unit. The new offering will likely be music to the ears of engineers struggling to manage power system stability issues as new tech meets legacy infrastructure.

The influx of renewable energy sources, battery storage systems, variable speed drives, smart sensors, EV charging and other non-linear loads can induce harmonic distortion. These events can damage or disrupt equipment, cause excessive energy consumption, and produce other adverse impacts for utilities and energy consumers. 

Elevating a solution to optimize reliability and electrical capacity

Capacitor banks are a common solution to address this phenomenon. However, the use of capacitor banks alone on overhead distribution lines — a harmonic distortion hot spot — often leads to harmonic resonance. Resonance can cause sustained voltages that damage the capacitor and other adjacent equipment. In most other applications, this would be addressed with the addition of harmonic filters, but limited space on the pole or on the ground has made this option problematic.

Powerside engineered Pole-MVar to solve these challenges. The efficient, streamlined and compact pole-mounted Pole-MVar unit combines reactive energy compensation with inductors that dampen harmonic currents and prevent resonance from occurring.

“We purpose-built Pole-MVar as an innovative filter capacitor bank designed specifically to stabilize voltage, improve power factor and increase distribution capacity,” explains Seth Johnson, President & General Manager-Corrections Business at Powerside. 

Pole-mounted units represent about a third of the accelerating capacitor bank market1 and the segment is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.6% through 2031.2

Connecting power system visibility and management from pole to plant

Pole-MVar is just one component of Powerside’s integrated portfolio of solutions that optimize power quality on both sides of the meter. The connecting point is QubeScan, a secure cloud-based platform that delivers fleetwide health analytics and comprehensive management of measurements from Powerside’s PQube® 3 and PQube Edge® power analyzers. 

“As deployments in renewable generation, EV charging and microgrid increase, grid operators, utilities, co-ops, C&I and customers will need to rely more heavily on connected, 24/7 power quality analytics,” says Johnson. “Our products help our customers ensure reliable, energy efficient operations by delivering a comprehensive view of power quality patterns and trends across the system.”

About Powerside:

Powerside has a 75-year legacy in power quality. To date, the company has deployed over 80,000 monitoring solutions and over 15,000 power corrections projects in over 50 countries. Its expert team utilizes a customer-centric approach and a suite of tailored measurement, intelligence, and correction solutions to help customers quickly identify and meet power quality challenges head-on. Visit for more information.

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