Metal Enclosed Medium Voltage Filter Banks

Unleash Efficiency with Customized Corrections

Our line of medium voltage capacitor and harmonic filter banks are built to support the world’s most vital industries and utilities networks. Fully engineered with best-in-class corrections technology, our systems are designed to enhance energy efficiency, improve performance and extend the lifespan of essential equipment.

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Tailor-Made to Meet Your Unique Needs

All our medium voltage banks are custom built to meet your exact requirements. Customers may select from fixed or automatic configurations, single or multi-step stages, a wide range of nominal voltages, custom tuning options and classic or smart control interfaces. Every system is shipped fully assembled, factory-tested and ready for interconnection.

The Smartest Solution for Power Corrections

Our banks are intentionally designed to deliver cost, labor and space savings in any application. Their weather-tight enclosures are rated for reliable outdoor performance even in extreme climates. Their compact and compartmentalized design takes up 20% less space than traditional open-rack structures in indoor applications — and allows for simpler and safer installation and maintenance.

One Bank. Countless Benefits.

Increase diagnostics

Extend Equipment Life

Mitigate harmful harmonics and limit switching currents that damage equipment and cause downtime

Optimize performance

Maximize System Performance

Increase system capacity to keep your equipment working as it should

Eliminate penalties

Eliminate Power Factor Penalties & Mitigate Harmonics

Reduce kVA demand by compensating for reactive current

Lowe costs

Lower Maintenance Costs

Increase maintenance efficiency with a compartmentalized and service-friendly design


Achieve Sustainability Goals

Reduce wasted energy to lower emissions without impacting system performance


Get Insights Into System Health

Leverage the smart interface to securely and remotely review event history to inform proactive corrections strategies

Options for Any Application

PowerMVar Medium Voltage Bank


Traditional Switching

Engineered to meet your exact specifications and requirements, the PowerMVar medium voltage bank provides fully customized power factor and harmonic corrections.



Transient-Free Switching

Equipped with advanced point-on-wave control technology, the SynchroMVar ensures seamless capacitor switching to deliver best-in-class voltage control and power factor correction.



Pole-Mount Filter Bank

Filter capacitor bank that’s designed specifically to prevent the occurrence of resonance conditions, while providing the reactive energy needed for voltage support, capacity relief, and to correct power factor.