EV Charging

The Power of Insight Fuels Reliability

Charge Anxiety Is the New Range Anxiety

With electric vehicles (EVs) estimated to comprise 26% of global vehicle production by 2029,1 the coming years will require a massive increase in the number of EV charging stations — and fast. In fact, the U.S. is set to bring 500K public charging stations online by 2030 — with a 97% uptime requirement.2

Powerside gives you the tools to monitor and correct power quality problems — so your EV charging infrastructure can go the distance.
1 Reuters, “Electric vehicle production set to surge in 2023 despite low sales,” December 15, 2022
2 Federal Register, National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Formula Program, June 22, 2022

Common EV Charging Issues Can Stall  Progress

Powerside is here to support the future of EV adoption — with cutting-edge solutions that help you uncover downtime warning signs, accelerate troubleshooting, correct critical issues and deliver dependable EV charging at scale.

Accelerate repairs

Monitor and Evaluate Power Quality Issues Across the Charging Fleet

Power monitoring

Identify Red Flags for Early Equipment Failure

Higher energy

Correct Grid Disruptions That Interrupt Charging

Increase equipment lifespan

Mitigate Harmonics to Increase Efficiency and Equipment Lifespan

Meet regular requirements

Capture Vital Data for Regulatory Reporting

Reduce Blind Spots and Accelerate EV-Centered Sustainability Goals

There’s a science behind getting that battery fully charged, and Powerside provides insight to help you deliver.

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Relevant Solutions

PQube® 3 Power Analyzers

PQube® 3 Power Analyzer

The Powerside PQube 3 is the only power analyzer capable of monitoring, measuring and recording supraharmonic disturbances on medium voltage lines. The technology gives your network operators real-time data on charging unit health, environmental and process parameter concerns, potential failure points and more. It also provides a larger view into power grid dynamics, leading you to a precise fault location faster. Data collected by the PQube 3 easily converts into visually rich, easy to read reports for both internal use and to satisfy compliance.

QubeScan Monitoring Software

QubeScan Delivers a Comprehensive Full-Fleet View

Powerside’s QubeScan monitoring software unifies the powerful data analysis and support from all Powerside power analyzers across your EV charging network. Use QubeScan to gain comprehensive visibility to fleetwide data and incorporate it directly into your workflow. QubeScan also delivers PQube 3 firmware updates to all units to ensure they’re up to date.

PowerAct Active Filter 500A closed

PowerAct Low Voltage Active Harmonic Filter

Tune out harmonic distortions that damage EV charging infrastructure and the grid. PowerAct filters go the extra mile to deliver advanced harmonic mitigation along with voltage support, capacity relief and improved power factor. Plus, as an active filter, they operate at full correction capacity with no risk of overload — for safe and reliable performance in critical applications.

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