Power Quality & Power Corrections

Fine-Tune Your Productivity

From wasted energy and higher costs to damaged equipment and system failures — power quality problems can be a significant burden on your operations. But Powerside is here to help. Our solutions correct the effects of these issues, helping you improve power factor, regulate voltage, reduce harmonics and boost the performance of your systems.

PowerCap Auto

PowerCap Low Voltage Fixed Banks

The gold standard in correction solutions. Connect PowerCap banks directly to your equipment to deliver optimized power quality right where you need it.

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PowerVar Low Voltage Auto Banks

PowerVar Low Voltage Auto Banks

Turn power quality up a notch with our advanced automatic capacitor and filter banks. Built to tackle today’s toughest power challenges.

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PowerAct Active Filter 500A closed

PowerAct Low Voltage Active Filter

Like a pair of noise-canceling headphones for your power system. Protect sensitive systems from damaging harmonics. Increase system performance and lifespan.

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PowerAct Hybrid Filter

PowerAct Hybrid Harmonic Filter

Two technologies working as one to help all your equipment work in harmony — with added savings.

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Metal Enclosed Medium Voltage Filter Banks

Metal Enclosed Medium Voltage Filter Banks

Totally customized. Ready for anything. Our Medium Voltage Banks help support the world’s most vital industries.

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Pole-MVar Pole-Mount Filter Bank

Purpose-built to improve power factor, voltage stability, and increase distribution capacity on the pole.

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