PQ Edge® Power Analyzer

Affordably Scalable Power Quality Analysis

The high-tech electronics that power data centers, medical imaging and other mission-critical applications are finely tuned machines. But what about the power supply going into them? Or the quality of the power they’re impacting? Subpar power quality can lead to equipment outages and damage, unreliable performance, safety hazards and costly service calls. With the PQ Edge® power analyzer, facility managers and OEMs can effectively evaluate performance and unlock visibility into these potential risks.

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PQ Edge + QubeScan: See Inside Your Power Quality

Use PQ Edge with our QubeScan monitoring software to effortlessly manage power quality across a fleet of equipment. PQ Edge collects real-time data at the local level. QubeScan’s secure AWS cloud-based platform ingests the data from all your PQ Edge units and other power analyzers for fleetwide charts and dashboards, analyses and stakeholder collaboration.

Focused Visibility on the Power Quality Associated with Machines

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Compact design

Slim Profile, Easy Installation

The PQ Edge is designed to be unobtrusive. Facility managers can install it on the electrical system in a few steps, and it stays out of the way. For OEMs, it fits nicely as an embedded, value-added enhancement within the machine.


Faster Insight, Quicker Resolution

Stay attuned to voltage, current, frequency and waveform characteristics like dips, swells and other parameters so you can take preventive measures before problems escalate. Keep tabs on environmental conditions with our ENV2 probe.

Lowe costs

More Accurate Diagnoses

An equipment malfunction may really be a power quality issue. Avoid the cost and friction of troubleshooting and equipment service calls by correctly identifying root causes.


Actionable Analysis For Optimized Planning

Tap into historical trends, produce custom reports, and share interactive charts with executive stakeholders to inform strategic decisions.

Eliminate penalties

Protect Equipment Life and Uptime

Proactive power quality management can reduce damaging events and boost productivity of critical capital-intensive assets.

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