Harmonics Reduction

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Higher energy

Filter Out Damaging Distortions

The power wave distortions generated by common electronics — like VFDs (motor controllers), computers, LED lighting and battery chargers — are likely a drag on your energy efficiency and a source of power malfunctions and equipment breakdowns.

Fortunately, harmonics have a simple fix. Harmonic filters effectively counteract these harmful currents by injecting equal and opposite frequencies — acting as noise-canceling headphones for your power system. This creates a cleaner power supply that can even improve the performance of your equipment.

Get Ahead of Harmonics with Powerside

We offer some of the most advanced harmonic reduction solutions on the market to help keep your equipment running without interference.

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Relevant Solutions

PowerAct Active Filter 500A closed

PowerAct Low Voltage Active Filter

Your go-to for harmonic mitigation, PowerAct Active Filters are built to perform in any harmonic environment with no risk of overheating. Equipped with a predictive algorithm that automatically responds to changing harmonic currents for continuous protection.

PowerVar Low Voltage Auto Banks

PowerVar Low Voltage Auto Banks

These fully automatic banks offer the dual benefit of a best-in-class harmonic filter and capacitor — all in a single cabinet.

Metal Enclosed Medium Voltage Filter Banks

PowerMVar Metal Enclosed Medium Voltage Filter Banks

One bank to meet all your needs. Our Medium Voltage Banks are designed to provide precise corrections for your entire facility. Shipped to you factory tested, fully assembled and ready to interconnect.