DriveScan LV Drive Monitoring Software

Control Your Own Destiny with Deeper Insight

Major parts of your business are powered by motors — and those motors hinge on the performance of low voltage variable frequency drives. You know what can happen when a single fan, pump or conveyor belt goes down: Consequences can range from operational disruption to safety risk. DriveScan LV helps you take a preemptive strike against potential performance issues.

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DriveScan LV Drive Monitoring Software

Insight Beyond Internal Diagnostics

Typically, internal drive fault diagnostics don’t provide a complete view of drive health — just a symptom snapshot. What’s more, maintenance recommendations tend to differ between manufacturers and don’t address every unique operating environment. We created DriveScan LV to give you more comprehensive visibility of every low voltage drive in your fleet, regardless of make or model.

DriveScan LV Rapidly Delivers Actionable Data

This cloud-based software continuously monitors your low voltage drives, detecting and alerting you to intermittent and evolving problems sooner. Fast data sampling (in excess of 30kHz) composes an accurate picture of system health and failure prediction. DriveScan LV also produces AI-powered predictive insights to inform preventive maintenance planning and strategic decisions.

DriveScan LV Improves Operations All Around

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Optimize performance

Optimized Drive Performance

DriveScan LV compiles trended data that eliminates guesswork. Better understand system efficiency. Get clued into performance “red flags.” See the actual root cause of an issue, without needing to be on site. Spend less time on diagnoses and quickly resolve issues on your first try.

Simplify communication

Safer Operations

With broader visibility and real-time data, DriveScan LV helps you ensure systems are operating effectively and safely, avoiding preventable accidents

Eliminate penalties

Simplified Communication

Share data and alerts to colleagues in any location through a secure cloud platform

Easy install

Easy DIY Install

DriveScan LV can be set up by any electrician on your team. The software fully synchronizes line side power, motor side power, DC bus capacitor health, LV power supplies and environmental conditions. It’s truly turnkey.

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