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Some power quality problems are noticeable on site. Others might show up on your utility bill. But when these problems occur, pinpointing the source of the issue can be a serious challenge.

With a Power System Analysis from Powerside, we can help you diagnose the root cause of power quality issues — helping you take corrective action before your systems are seriously impacted.

Here’s How It Works

We Make Power Analysis Easy with a Simple Three-Step Process

Step 1: Plugin Portable PQube 3
Step 1
Easily plug in our portable PQube® 3 to your power system
Step 2: Monitor Power Quality
Step 2
Let the analyzer monitor your power quality for two weeks
Step 3: Receive comprehensive report
Step 3
We’ll send you a comprehensive report on your facility’s power — including tailored recommendations to address your specific issues

Let Powerside Be Your Guide to Better Quality Power

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  • Challenge: A manufacturer’s utility bills significantly increased when the local utility switched to kVAR billing.
  • Solution: Based on our analysis, we helped the customer implement a 500kVar detuned PowerVar automatic capacitor and harmonic filter bank with 50kVar step resolution to maintain an average power factor of 0.9957.
  • Impact: ROI achieved in less than nine months with a $4K a month reduced utility spend.


  • Challenge: A welding company’s high harmonics and dynamic loads caused frequent capacitor bank failure and poor power factor.
  • Solution: Installed 900kVar thyristor switched detuned PowerVar. Each stage switched over 10,000 times a day.
  • Impact: Harmonics decreased by nearly 5%.