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For over 75 years, Powerside has worked in pursuit of a single goal: building a brighter future. We imagine a world where vital industries can move faster and more efficiently. Where advances in technology aren’t limited by the electricity that powers them. Where citizens can rest assured that the power grids they depend on are ready for anything. We’re here to guide organizations around the globe to better understand and optimize the power that energizes their operations — and the world.

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Our team lives on the cutting edge. We leverage the expertise of the world’s leading power quality specialists, electrical engineers, software developers, AI architects and more to tackle today’s biggest energy challenges. We create the tools that help industries everywhere break free from the hidden power issues that hold them back.

So, What Do We Have to Show for All This Innovation?

Sharper medical imaging. Smoother semiconductor fabrication. Support for renewable energies at the grid edge. Our solutions include some of the most intelligent power quality tools on the market — and we’re rolling out new innovations every year.

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Supraharmonic measurements in distributed energy resources — power quality observations in a microgrid