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Capacitor Bank Application for Medium Voltage Motor Starting with Soft Starter [RVSS]

Product Family: PowerMVar/SynchroMVar Introduction A key consideration when designing or updating an electrical system with large capacity motors is the...
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Application Note – Remote Substation Monitoring

Transformer monitoring One of the primary reasons to perform remote substation monitoring is to get real-time data and alerts for...
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PoleVAR Filter Banks Application Note – Pole mount power factor correction in high harmonic conditions

Electric utilities regularly experience power quality problems caused by client loads. Historically, when loads were mostly linear and highly inductive,...
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Medium Voltage Application Note – Reactive Power Compensation and Harmonic Filtering in Medical Centers

Securing Emergency Power with Powerside’s PowerMVar and PowerAct Filter solutions Most businesses think of power reliability in the context of...
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Power Monitoring Application Note – Semiconductor Industry – How to minimize power quality interruptions

Throughout the semiconductor industry, Powerside products and services help keep process interruptions to a minimum. Toolmakers depend on Powerside power...
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PQube® 3 Application Note – Railway and MetroRail – Finding and solving AC and DC power problems

From Jerusalem Light Rail to the Hong Kong Subway, from Silicon Valley California to Belgium, rugged little PQube® 3 monitors...