Data Center Power Security threats are costly. They come in many types and can be managed proactively before they cause a power outage.

Power security issues for data centers are a critical threat that are often overlooked in a data center security strategy. Power security, like cyber security and physical security is a critical dimension of your data center’s overall security strategy.

Effective security protocols are built on the same three dimensions of resiliency, response, and recovery. Comprehensive power security ensures a higher degree of design resiliency, data driven event responses, and a faster system recovery.

data center power quality threats

The solution to defending against power quality threats is the powerful and versatile PQube 3e built for data centers

PQube 3e provides –

  • Constant monitoring enabling early, rapid response to power threats
  • Real-time alerts that support email and/or SNMP compatible direct connections
  • Precise root cause data and informative graphs to support fast diagnostics and direct an effective solution response
  • Environmental sensors including temperature, heat, humidity and vibration to extend your security envelope

Monitor 4 Circuits per device –

Easy to use and affordable –

easy to configure

Connect it, you’re configured.

No software to install. All you need is a network connection to auto-receive generated GIF graphs or CSV/Excel and PQDIF (IEEE standard) files.

installs in minutes

Installs in minutes.

Compact. The size of a Rubik’s cube – 4”x 3”x 3”. Snap-on to DIN rail; fits into a 19-inch rack and everything in-between.

good value

Unparalleled value.

Best ROI. Root cause data analysis saves hours in outage response and remediation but pays for itself in the first 23 seconds saved!

PQube 3e fits seamlessly into a data center environment.

pqube 3 power analyzer data center schematic

Use to monitor switchgear, PDU, transformers, Genset, UPS and more

Get the best power analyzer money can buy.