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[Interview] Powerside CEO Ross Dueber Discusses the Rapidly Changing Power Landscape

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During DISTRIBUTECH 2024, Ross Dueber, Powerside CEO, sat down with Alan Ross, Managing Editor of APC Media, for a lively discussion on emerging power technologies and their impact on the grid.
The interview spanned:

  • The challenges new generation technology brings to the grid
  • How utilities, engineers and customers are impacted
  • Solutions for a brighter future

Watch the full interview and check out the biggest takeaways below.

Key takeaway #1: The power industry is quickly and drastically changing

Thanks to the rise of renewables and other modern technologies, we’re seeing a major shift in how and where we generate, store and consume power. Power production, storage and consumption increasingly rely upon deployment of inverter-based technologies — a trend that will continue in the coming years.

Key takeaway #2: Renewables and battery storage add complexity to electrical distribution systems

Solar power, wind power and batteries utilize inverters that transmit complex wave forms over legacy T&D grids. This leads to power quality anomalies — such as voltage sags and frequency harmonics — that can manifest as flickering lights, equipment malfunctions and premature equipment aging, among other effects.

Key takeaway #3: Visibility is key to futureproofing the grid

Utilities need visibility on their electrical systems to ensure stability, safety and peak performance. Sensors streaming high-fidelity measurements provide data that can be analyzed to yield actionable information — yielding tangible benefits to operators and their customers.

Key takeaway #4: Microgrid deployment is growing

Microgrids are emerging as a viable solution for utilities and their customers. Working in conjunction with the grid, microgrids provide stakeholders with flexibility in the production and consumption of electricity.

Key takeaway #5: Powerside is solving power issues for today and tomorrow

Powerside’s mission is to help you stay ahead of the rapidly changing power landscape. That’s why we specialize in advanced solutions that both detect and correct power quality issues. With a clearer understanding of power anomalies and equipment failures, our customers are prepared to proactively address issues and protect against future events.