Medium Voltage Drive failures are costly, disruptive, and can be a safety hazard

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) failures cause considerable productivity and financial losses to businesses. In more critical applications, the consequences can even become more serious. 


The costs associated with preventive maintenance, emergency services and downtime increase as the drive ages, especially when it reaches the middle of its useful life. 

Each year, a single VFD costs an organization, on average:

Over its 20-year lifespan, a drive will cost an average of $2.2 million in preventive maintenance, emergency services, and downtime

Introducing DriveScan: A revolutionary remote conditional monitoring system

DriveScan overcomes the limitations of standard factory drive monitoring and preventive maintenance  by remotely detecting and alerting to severe events, intermittent and evolving problems, and by providing trends and event analysis to assist in failure prediction. It fully synchronizes monitoring of line and motor-side power, DC bus capacitor condition (patented), low voltage power supply outputs, and environmental conditions. DriveScan, is a safe and effective way to monitor the drives in real-time, while under operating conditions.

Installing DriveScan helps reduce downtime and emergency services costs by as much as 50%.

*Approximate costs based on actual cases in various industries and applications.

Reduce downtime and its downstream impact with enhanced visibility into your entire fleet from any location.

Choose DriveScan to:

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DriveScan's cloud-based analytics platform offers

Plus, you can count on a drive expert to keep an eye on your equipment while you take care of your business.


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DriveScan is suitable for every industry and application where medium voltage drives are in operation.

Ask us for a Cost Analysis and find out how much you will save with DriveScan and how fast the return on investment will be.

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