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Latest PQube® 3 Firmware Records Harmonic Power Flow

PQube® 3e

We’ve made a number of cyber-security upgrades in this firmware version including the restriction of local access with a screen lock, the ability to record harmonic power flow direction, and PQDIF file support for multiple load power energy files with both the PQube 3 and PQube 3e.

  • Option to restrict local access to the PQube 3 with a screen lock code
    • Prevent unauthorized
      • data downloads and
      • Threshold changes
  • Recording of harmonic power flow direction during snapshot recording (CSV files).
    • Identify the direction the source of harmonics. 
    • Know if harmonic disturbances are coming from inside your facility or from your utility
  • PQDIF file support for multiple load “power-energy files” with PQube 3 and PQube 3e.
    • Multi locations in PQViewTM are supported with a single Pqube 3 / 3e
      • Pqube 3 monitors 2 circuits – 2 locations in PQview
      • Pqube 3e monitors 4 circuits – 4 locations in PQview
  • Security update for PQube 3 kernel, and a few bug fixes
    • Cybersecurity is always a concern for customers.
    • We’ve made all our communications even more secure with these recent upgrades.