PQube® 3

Power Analyzer

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Versatile power quality detection & monitoring, used in a broad variety of industries: semiconductor tools, medical imaging, telecommunications, HVAC, pharmaceutical manufacturing, transportation (ships, aircraft, trains, electric vehicles), electrical power (generation, distribution, solar, wind), government and university research, military, etc.


  • Computes 4-quadrant ANSI Class 0.2 revenue–grade energy on eight single-phase channels
  • Installs easily with an ultra-compact footprint
  • Connects directly to voltages up to 690 V
  • Certified for Class A power quality according to IEC 61000-4-30 Ed3
  • Detects and records high-frequency impulses at 4 MHz
  • Measures in real time and records 2 kHz ~ 150 kHz emissions 
  • Auto-detects the mains frequency, wiring configuration, and nominal voltage
  • Enhances the power diagnostic by also measuring the environment conditions with advanced EnviroSensor probes
  • Extensive library of waveform triggers on voltage magnitude, voltage HF impulses, frequency, currents inrush , AC/DC channels, and more.
  • All measured parameters are available every half-second in real-time (via ModbusTCP/IP, DNP3.0  or SNMP)