Ensure Medial Imaging Compliance and Modalities Reliability

Powerside offers a series of monitoring solutions specially designed for medical imaging modalities. The PQube® 3 Power Analyzers and sensors monitor power disturbances and the environment that can affect sensitive modalities in the technical and examination rooms. Maintaining good power quality
and controlling the environment is essential to reduce system downtime, prolong diagnostic imaging equipment life, reduce motion artifacts, and increase patient throughput, and their health.

PQube® 3 monitors the facility’s voltage supply and modalities power consumption. It can also measure the environment in the technical room and in the examination room.

  • Get the data you need to improve and maintain good power quality with constant 24/7 monitoring.
  • Take the right preventive actions to avoid downtime
  • Get quick root cause data for fast recovery
  • Get environmental data, energy, ambient, vibration, atmospheric pressure and earthquake detection
  • Receive real-time data and alerts on your smart phone
  • Remote access to all modalities parameters for easy and fast troubleshooting
  • PQube® 3 Power Analyzer is IoT, MODBUS, SNMP and DNP3 ready

PQube 3 Power Analyzer fits seamlessly into a diagnostic imaging environment solving modality challenges

PQube 3 power analyzer provides 360 power and environmental monitoring
Discover the Benefits of a PQube 3 Diagnostic Imaging Solution